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Sock-Knee High

Sock-Knee High with Nylon

Berkshire Queen Panty Hose Women’s Stockings packaging

Berkshire Queen Panty Hose

Berkshire Sheer Panty Hose

Women's Stockings

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Berkshire Sheer Panty Hose Women's Stockings

  • White Sheer Control Top
  • Reinforced Toe
  • Available in Plus Sizes

The Berkshire White Sheer Control Top Pantyhose is available in sizes 1, 2, 2 plus, 3 and 4. Made with a reinforced toe it is the perfect pantyhose for any temple dress. Also a great choice for general white Women’s Stockings.


Size Information
15'-5'5" or 100-125 lbs.
25'2"-5'8" or 115-140 lbs.
2 plus5'1"-5'5" or 140-165 lbs.
35'5"-5'10" or 130-155 lbs.
45'6"-6' or 145-175 lbs.