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Envelope-Square Battenburg

Envelope-Heart Button

LDS Temple Accessories

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Envelope-Heart Button LDS Temple Accessories

  • 100% Cotton Fabric
  • Available with custom embroidery
  • Select favorite temple from the drop down menu

The Heart Button Envelope is made of cotton and has a combination of hem stitching and embroidery on a square flap front. There is a pocket inside and a heart shaped button to keep it closed. It measures approximately 11 x 14 inches. To make this envelope especially distinct and perfect as a gift it can be personalized with embroidery in any or all of three ways: with the picture and name of an LDS temple (any currently in operation, see drop-down list below), with a name (maximum 20 letters / spaces), and with a date. Customized envelopes require 2-3 additional weeks before they are shipped. Perfect for holding LDS Temple accessories. *Note: we cannot accept returns on customized envelopes. Please make sure your name and/or date appears exactly as you wish it to be on the envelope.