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Cotton Vanilla Dress LDS Temple Dress front view

Cotton Vanilla Dress

Georgette Smock Womens LDS Temple Dress from the front

Georgette Smock

Pleated Dress

Womens LDS Temple Dress

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Pleated Dress Womens LDS Temple Dress

  • Has a knit polyester bodice
  • Dress has a pleated Skirt
  • No Buttons or Zippers
  • Made in the USA

This dress has a knit polyester bodice that connects to a pleated skirt. The pleated skirt is full and has an uneven bottom with a slightly longer length in the front and back. There are hidden side pockets for ease and convenience. The skirt is wrinkle resistant. The Pleated Dress is very comfortable, and is easy to care for. Makes for a great LDS Temple Dress. Make sure not to put this dress in the dryer as the pleats will come out. Because this dress has such a full skirt it weighs 2-3 pounds so you will pay more postage.


Size Information

Size Chest Length (Shoulder to Hem)
XS 34“ 57“
S 36“ 57“
M 38“ 58“
L 42“ 58“
XL 45“ 58“
Size Information