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Patchwork Lace Skirt
Patchwork Lace Skirt
Patchwork Lace Skirt

Patchwork Lace Skirt

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Patchwork Lace Skirt LDS Temple Skirt

  • Custom made for Dressed in White
  • Hidden side pockets
  • 37” Inch long skirt

The Patchwork Lace Skirt is custom made just for Dressed in White. It has a full skirt made with a variety of lace patches sewn together.This LDS Temple Skirt is lined to the knee with an elastic waist with a drawstring. There are hidden side pockets in the side seams to make it easier to carry things inside the temple. The skirt is approximately 37 inches long. This skirt needs to be hand washed, and is not machine washer safe.

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Size Information

Size Waist Hips Length
S 24“ 36“ 37“
M 26" 38“ 37“
L 28“ 42“ 37“
XL 30“ 46“ 38“
1X 32“ 50“ 38“