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About Us

What do we offer?

  • Temple Clothing
    • Mormon temple clothing for men and women
    • White dresses and outfits for your visits
    • Modest outfits that meet temple standards
  • Pioneer Clothing
    • Bonnets, hats and accessories for pioneer treks and holidays
    • Shirts, skirts, and dresses for pioneer-themed events
    • Blouses and shirts with classic pioneer designs
  • Accessories
    • Gifts for all occasions(baptisms, communions)
    • White handkerchiefs for LDS temple dedications
    • Other accessories for general church and temple-going

Our History.

Dressed in White began in 1995 with the aim of providing adult Latter-day Saint (Mormon) temple clothing made from 100% cotton, rayon, linen, and other natural fabrics. This white clothing is worn by members of the LDS faith during important religious ceremonies.

We have since expanded to provide white dresses and other clothing suitable for all faiths and any sacred, holy, or special occasion including baby blessings, baptisms, christenings, communion, and temple weddings. We also offer white clothes for infant boys and girls, as well as children. You’ll also find dresses and princess style gowns for flower girls or other special occasions, and white suits for boy's communion and baptism.